Why Sell at Auction?

  • Contrary to what some might view as complicated and time consuming, a fast-paced auction (whether online or onsite) is one of the most efficient ways of converting your property or assets into immediate cash.
  • Everywhere you turn at an auction, there’s a thrill in the air as potential buyers find something they want and set out to successfully bid against others who want the same thing.  Thus, finding the true market value of each and every piece.
  • Midland Bid Junkies commission rates are less than common estate sale companies.
  • It’s easy! Conducting a sale by yourself is hard work. When conducting the sale by yourself you have to clean, price and sort everything. All taking time away from your daily schedule. Who has time for that? On top of that, once you’re done with a sale, are you really done? You still have to dispose of items that didn’t sell due to bad weather or lack of crowds and clean up. We can eliminate all of that stress and hard work. We can accept items at our store or make arrangements to pick items up from you. We'll sell them and send you a check.
  • Safe & Secure. Don’t waste time waiting for people that say they want your item off of Craigslist or Facebook site. Feel safe in knowing that we’ll work with the customers so you don’t have to meet them at awkward times and locations.

What we sell:

  • Mid-Century Modern Furniture
  • Antique & Traditional Furniture
  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Pottery & Stoneware
  • Vintage Toys
  • Coins, Silver & Jewelry
  • Clocks & Collectible Banks
  • Tools, Machines & Equipment
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Sporting Goods
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Primitives & Folk Art
  • Advertising Signs & Nostalgia
  • Vintage Advertising Promotional Items
  • Petroliana
  • Unique Collections & Eclectic Items
  • Outdoor Ornamental Objects
  • And More!
  • Friendly reminder when sorting through your items. . .  "When in doubt, don't throw it out!" Please let us determine if your item may be of interest to our vast array of buyer's.
  • Lesson learned: "A recent consignor had several items that we picked up when we noticed an item destined for the burn pile. It happed to be an older board with a checkerboard painted on it. Turns out this item was an early sampler checkerboard and sold for $130 in our online auction! Better than going up in smoke.

Less is more! 

We might not have thousands of items up for bid every week, but we will have quality antiques, collectibles, sporting goods and clean usables. To keep our high standards and offer our bidders the best items possible, we are not able to accept the following items for online consignment:

  • Baby Furniture
  • Baby/Child Car Seats
  • Food Products
  • Used Beauty/Personal Health Products
  • Used Clothing (except for specialty clothing and footwear, hunting, motorcycle, and sports clothes)
  • Used Mattresses / Water Beds
  • Televisions that are not High Definition
  • Computers
  • Office Equipment (faxes, printers, monitors)
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Worn, Soiled or Damaged Furniture
  • No laminate or particle board furniture
  • Broken Non-Working Items
  • Stuff Animals
  • Outdated Exercise Equipment

Items must be dropped off clean with no price tags.

The list above is not all-inclusive, Midland Bid Junkies has the right to refuse items not meeting our standards.